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Create A New AXpire YouTube Video

Deadline:  23 Nov 2018
Budget:  20,000 AXPR ($266.15)

Create a new aXpire overview video or a video review of how they view and understand aXpire

Matthew Markham

6 jobs completed

Come Up With A Crypto-asset Exchange Name!

Deadline:  10 Nov 2018
Budget:  4,000 AXPR ($53.23)

I'm looking for someone to come up with a handful of good names for a crypto-asset exchange as well as some sample branding for it (i.e. colour scheme and/or logo sketch).

Joakim Hjønnevåg

0 jobs completed

I Need Help With..

Deadline:  26 Oct 2018
Budget:  500 AXPR ($6.65)

i need following question answers on this topic Topic : The boom in unnecessary cesarean surgeries is jeopardizing woman's health A. What is the hypothesis? B. What are the variables? This simp...

Emen Bae

0 jobs completed

Spanish Translate

Deadline:  23 Oct 2018
Budget:  250 AXPR ($3.33)

I am looking for someone who can translate 500 word of English to Spanish in 2 days.

Felipe Barro

0 jobs completed

Build A Website

Deadline:  31 Oct 2018
Budget:  10,000 AXPR ($133.08)

I am Looking For experienced web designer Who can create an attractive website. You must be use html, css, php & other basic language if you can. the website will looking like wonderful place . af...

Mahela Jayabar

0 jobs completed