I will translation(en/sp-ch) & promotion service

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Cost:  10,000.00 AXPR ($25.24)

About this service

Translation of technical documentation white paper, advertising articles, blog posts and videos. Promotion of blockchain projects.

What will you get by purchasing this service

Translation & Promotion service. My background & experience: 1.I am trilingual Chinese is my mother language. Studied English for over 16 years. Majored Spanish in college. 2. Translated over 200 English articles into Chinese on some famous platforms (, 3. Certified as a columnist by several platforms. My articles can attract more than 10000 (10 thousand) views within 1 day. I can help you promote your project in China, because as a columnist, I have some connections that may be useful for you. 4. Helping the famous RSK team (blockchain related, from Argentina) do some translation & promotion job.

SKILL SET: English (US)

Phoebus Hsing

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