I will set up and optimize a facebook traffic ad with targeted audience to get your business more brand awareness

Duration:  7 Days
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Cost:  69,409.63 AXPR ($175.07)

About this service

Are You Looking for Someone to Set Up Targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns? My Expertise Are in: ✔️ Create/setup New ad campaign (Facebook + Instagram) ✔️ Target Audience by Demographics Interests or Behaviors ✔️ Creation of Facebook Pixel Note: I Will Need The Access Your Facebook Business Account As Advertiser. Note: Ads will be paid for through your business manager account and are not included in my AXPR fee. We can set your ad budget starting for as little as $10 per day - the more per day that you have the ad running at the more people will see your ad. My services elsewhere for this service start at $900+ This is a MatchBX discount that I am offering for the AXPR as well as the burn incentive.

What will you get by purchasing this service

Step 1: I will review your website and Facebook page. Step 2: I will research your competitors. Step 3: You will receive a competitor report. Step 4: I will create a unique targeting technique. Step 5: I will get your approval on the targeting strategy. Step 6: I will set up a Traffic Campaign to drive real traffic to your site. Step 7: After 1 Week I will send you a report showing the results. Step 8: After 1 Month I will send you a report showing the results. Step 9: We can discuss a strategy moving forward.


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