I will be your telegram or social media manager for 1 week

Duration:  7 Days
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Cost:  4,422.37 AXPR ($21.22)

About this service

I am going to be a manager and advisor for your Telegram community as well as manager for your social media platforms.

What will you get by purchasing this service

Here's what I'll do for you: 1. Telegram: - Study your project - Start conversations relating to your project - Answer questions regarding your Project. - Share funny memes to excite your telegram subscribers - Share important announcements 2. Twitter: - Study your project - Tweet about your project daily or a couple of times a week. - Retweet similar tw33ts and accounts - Tw33t announcements - Use Relevant hashtags 3. Instagram - Study your project - create memes for your project - Post content daily - Use relevant hashtags

SKILL SET: Customer Support, Sales Management, Data Entry

Victor Anox

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