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I will odoo development - python erp

Delivery time:  15 Days
Cost:  2,000.00 AXPR ($8.44)

Customization installation and database migration of Odoo ERP business solution. Web-based open source ERP fully customizable and easy deployment, local or web-hosted.

Southern Cross Tech

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I will provide shared host for website

Delivery time:  3 Days
Cost:  2,252.59 AXPR ($9.50)

Providing hosting with high-end resources for publishing websites on the internet from the suggested annual price

Thiago Capuano

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I will work as a freelance full-stack dev

Delivery time:  7 Days
Cost:  57,335.14 AXPR ($241.89)

I'm experienced in Node.js React.js D3.js Eth dApps (Truffle.js), and Rust and I'm offering my services for $14/hr.

Ahmed Ihsan Tawfeeq

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I will create a smart contract for your dapp

Delivery time:  7 Days
Cost:  49,207.33 AXPR ($207.60)

Create a Solidity smart contract for your dApps

Ahmed Ihsan Tawfeeq

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I will i will i will create and code you a "simple" erc20 token

Delivery time:  1 Days
Cost:  10,573.13 AXPR ($44.61)

I will create/code you a simple ERC20 Token. I will then send all the tokens to your MetaMask or other ERC20 Compatible wallet. From there you can do what you need with them and immediately start tra...

Aaron Jacob

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