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I will design your business card!

Delivery time:  3 Days
Cost:  4,250.27 AXPR ($25.74)

Even in today's digitalized world business cards still play an extremely important role - they complete your first impression and will remind your potential clients of your existence after you met in...

Jan Wassenich

1 jobs completed

I will create an awesome packaging for your product

Delivery time:  3 Days
Cost:  13,575.48 AXPR ($82.22)

DESIGN STUDIO: Branding Identity: Logo & Guidelines Branded Print: Standee packaging, flyer, voucher, business card, Sign, poster Branded Goodies Video editing and motion Photo shooting and ed...

What'zhat Design Agency

0 jobs completed

I will graphics design

Delivery time:  10 Days
Cost:  7,460.52 AXPR ($45.19)

I provide all typr of graphics you want for your work or job

Ajagbe Afeez Akinwale

0 jobs completed

I will i will design 3 thumbnails for your youtube channel

Delivery time:  2 Days
Cost:  1,468.21 AXPR ($8.89)

design thumbnails for your youtube videos about 3 thumbnails

Saed Ahmad

10 jobs completed

I will design a logo animation

Delivery time:  3 Days
Cost:  25,814.01 AXPR ($156.35)

I am providing a service to design an animated logo that can be used for social media as a looped gif.


8 jobs completed