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Hey, I'm Jan, a business student from Germany! My passions are social media marketing and design! Looking forward to working with you!

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I will design your business card!

Delivery time:  3 Days
Purchased:  1  Times
Cost:  4,250 AXPR ($10.73)

Even in today's digitalized world business cards still play an extremely important role - they complete your first impression and will remind your potential clients of your existence after you met in a dimly lit bar! Having a well-designed business card is essential to almost anyone! Want to make it big? Get a stunning business card! Already made it big? Get an even better business card! "Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh, my God. It even has a watermark."

Jan Wassenich

1 jobs completed

I will create 5 stunning instagram posts to captivate your audience

Delivery time:  4 Days
Purchased:  0  Times
Cost:  7,033 AXPR ($17.76)

I will design 5 Instagram posts to leverage your brand! My designs are clean and modern making sure that users stop scrolling and take a second look - perfect to broaden your audience, captivate your niche, or market your products! I will look at your previous Instagram posts and your products to determine the perfect fit regarding design and message. Be satisfied or get your money back - 100% guaranteed!

Jan Wassenich

1 jobs completed

I will create sleek and modern social media post templates

Delivery time:  5 Days
Purchased:  0  Times
Cost:  5,908 AXPR ($14.92)

As a former Head of Marketing for a European entrepreneurship conference I know what sleek and captivating design are about - and I will take your social media posts to the next level. I will create easy to use social media post templates in Adobe Photoshop for you to fill with your future content - making sure that you keep a consistent and recognizable design across all platforms. Drop me a message so we can discuss your projects - I will only do it if I am confident that I can provide a satisfying service to you. I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee - I will either keep working on the project until YOU are happy with the result or you don't pay.

Jan Wassenich

1 jobs completed

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